“I’d certainly recommend your presentation to others, that is for sure. Very interesting. And useful.” ​

Manager, IBM.


“This program really enhanced my ability to view tough moments in a broader perspective – thank you James!”

Staff member, Commonwealth Treasury.


“Thank you again for running the course, it has made an immeasurable difference to my life…. When I interview a refugee, it is hard not to take on their desperation and pain … the mindfulness techniques have helped me in so many ways …. I really don’t think I could do this work without what I learnt with you!”

Intern, UNHCR.


“Thank you very much for a very insightful and practical course. There should be more of it in the workplace!”

Staff member, IBM.


“These sessions gave me a practical range of evidence-based things to try. Thank you.”

Staff member, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


“Thank you for your time James – very worthwhile!”

Senior manager, Commonwealth Treasury.


“This is a seemingly simple, but an extremely powerful training program.”

Staff member, IBM.


“Your sessions gave my team some practical tools to manage stress and emotions that they could apply immediately in their every-day work. The world needs more of this!”

Manager, Family Court of Australia.