Hi! Welcome to our training company. We specialise in high-quality, mindfulness-based resilience training. Our goal is to help your organisation develop highly resilient and flourishing teams, using mindfulness-based skills. Thank you for considering working with us.

What we do

We offer mindfulness-based resilience training and coaching that:

  • Teaches proven ways of coping with stress and conflict
  • Cultivates focus and balance in our ‘always on’ culture
  • Enhances decision-making and handling uncertainty
  • Builds individual resilience, preventing stress from becoming burnout

Our training model is evidence-based and highly tailored. We:

  • Consult with you up-front to identify your team’s specific challenges and needs
  • Offer training programs that are based on the latest research on resilience, mindfulness and behaviour change
  • Offer follow-up coaching to ensure sustainability and follow through on specific individual and team issues
  • Offer pre and post program metrics of key performance and wellbeing variables so you can track impact and ROI from our training.

Interested? Check out our programs.